Kochi is a major city and seaport located in the State of Kerala along the south-west coast of India. With a population of more than 600,000 in 2012, Kochi is Kerala's second largest city and is part of an extended metropolitan region of 2.1 million people (2011). Together with the neighbouring city of Ernakulam, Kochi is the industrial and commercial capital of the state. The main business sectors include gold retailing, seafood and spices exports, IT, tourism, banking, shipbuilding and fishing. Kochi is one of the fastest growing second-tier metros in India and continues to struggle with urbanization problems such as traffic congestion and environmental degradation.

Kochi is in the frontline of India’s seaside cities that is potentially affected  by climate change, mostly in the form of inundation due to sea level rise. A large area of the city will be submerged if global temperature will rise by 4-5°C; this represents of course a worst-case-scenario where global greenhouse gas emissions grow and no mitigation and adaptation steps are taken. Despite this, even the best-case-scenario, projecting a 2°C rise in mean global temperature, would whip up the average sea level by a metre causing extensive coastal inundation.

Flooded streets in Ernakulam
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