Dagupan is an independent component city of the province of Pangasinan. According to the latest census, the city has a population of over 163,000 people. Located on the Lingayen Gulf on the island of Luzon, Dagupan is the chief port, educational, communication, commercial and financial center north of Manila. The city covers a total land area of 4,000 hectares.

The city's climatic condition is typical with other areas in the country with its wet and dry climate. The climate is strongly influenced by two major wind streams that prevail over Luzon. The northeast monsoon that dominates from November to March generally brings dry weather to the western section of Luzon. Wet season in this area is associated with the southwest monsoon that prevails from June to September. The weather systems such as tropical cyclones, monsoons and the inter-tropical convergence zone cause rainfall in the city. The mean rainfall amounts to over 2,000 mm. August is the rainiest month with a monthly average of 530 mm, while February is the driest month with an average of 4 mm. Flooding of the low-lying coastal delta areas during the rainy season is a severe constraint. The city gets flooded almost every year.

Central business district of Dagupan
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